Masitise Cave House
built in 1866
Home of Reverend David Frederic Ellenberger

The Cave House was built between 1866 and 1867 by Reverend D.F. Ellenberger after the second Basotho-Boar War forced him to move his family south of the Orange River onto the lands of Chief Moorosi. He was given permission to settle where he pleased. He came upon the site of the Cave House which has once been used as a shelter by Chief Moorosi's shepherds.
D.F. Ellengerber dedicated 55 years of his life to the people of Lesotho and is known as a paramount figure in the development of religion in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.
The Cave House as been transformed into a small museum housing artifacts collected by the Morija Museum and Archives.

Steps leading to the Cave House Museum and a look from inside the cave

The church F.D. Ellengerber built in 1879 is still being used today.